Swabian ride

Gallery Schloss Mochental, Ehingen 2016, 55 pages View catalogue…

Plein air painting in the Dolomites

Hirmer Verlag, Munich 2016, 120 pages View book…

Sylt in the light

Gallery Müllers, Rendsburg 2016, 40 pages

The colors of the snow

Art Museum Bensheim, Bensheim 2016, 44 pages

NZZ Edition No. 1

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zurich 2016, 20 pages look at…


Gallery Müllers, Rendsburg 2015, 35 pages View catalogue…

Ulm Minster

Gallery Tobias Schrade, Ulm 2015, 14 pages View catalogue…

Lugano, Engadin, Zurich

ed. by Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Galerie Carzaniga, Basel 2015, 55 pages View catalogue…

Plein Air

Gallery Bode, Daegu 2015, 20 pages

Karlsruhe park landscapes

Gallery Schrade, Karlsruhe 2015, 61 pages View catalogue…

Oilseed rape landscapes. Hans-Joachim Billib and Christopher Lehmpfuhl

Gallery Meier, Freiburg 2014, 40 pages

North Sea landscapes. Heligoland, Seebüll, Noldegarten, Hallig Hooge

ed. by Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Erika Maxim-Lehmpfuhl, Hannelore Stamm and Hannes Albers, Kunst-Kabinett Usedom, Benz 2014, 112 pages