Christopher Lehmpfuhl

Gallery Carzaniga, Basel 2009, 32 pages

Snow pictures

Gallery Meier, Freiburg 2008, 64 pages

The light in the landscape

Gallery Ludorff, Düsseldorf 2008, 96 pages

Australia. The Red Path

Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Berlin 2008, 48 pages

The Alb Mountains

ed. by Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Harry Meyer and Gallery Schrade, Mochental Castle, Gallery Ewald Karl Schrade, Karlsruhe/Mochental 2007, 56 pages

Near the sea

Art Cabinet Usedom, Benz 2007, 48 pages

Christmas letters 1997 – 2006

Erika Maxim Lehmpfuhl, Berlin 2007, 120 pages


Gallery Ludorff, Düsseldorf 2006, 72 pages

City landscapes. Paintings

Gallery Berlin, Berlin 2006, 48 pages

Baden and Upper Swabian landscapes

ed. by Christopher Lehmpfuhl and Galerie Schloß Mochental, Galerie Schrade & Blashofer, Karlsruhe 2006, 48 pages

Seascape. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

ed. by Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Hannelore Stamm and Hannes Albers, Kunst-Kabinett Usedom, Benz 2005, 60 pages

Berlin paintings by Christopher Lehmpfuhl

Gallery Lange, Berlin 2005, 46 pages