Christopher Lehmpfuhl in the terrace

Bindella Gallery, Zurich 2012, 28 pages

Berlin Plein Air. Painting 1995 – 2010

ed. by Erika Maxim Lehmpfuhl, Berlin 2011, 456 pages

Pictures from Switzerland

Gallery Carzaniga, Basel 2011, 48 pages

Christopher Lehmpfuhl

Galerie Meyer, Lüneburg 2011, 48 pages

New ways

Gallery Ludorff, Düsseldorf 2011, 72 pages

The new center

Cycle of the demolition of the Palace of the Republic, ed. by Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Berlin 2010, 56 pages

Australia and Upper Swabia

Schrade Gallery, Mochental Castle 2010, 20 pages

Hamburg! Hamburg – Images of a City

Galerie Herold, Hamburg/Kampen 2009, 36 pages

Flowering landscapes

Gallery Berlin, Berlin 2009, 48 pages

Christopher Lehmpfuhl on Amrum

Galerie Meyer, Lüneburg 2009, 32 pages

Between Skagen and Hamburg

ed. by Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Erika Maxim-Lehmpfuhl, Hannelore Stamm and Hannes Albers, Kunst-Kabinett Usedom, Benz 2009, 52 pages


Bode Gallery & Edition, Nuremberg 2009, 28 pages