“Summer day at river Havel”, 2024, oil on canvas, 39,3×31,5 inches

Current exhibitions

June 1 to October 6, 2024
NordArt, Carlshütte
May 18 to September 15, 2024
Müllers Gallery, Rendsburg
until June 30, 2024
New paintings from Basel and Berlin
Hyperion Hotel Basel

Permanent from September 15, 2023
A glass window for the wine cellar of Rudi Bindella
Vallocaia Winery, Tuscany, Italy


In the wine cellar of Rudi Bindella’s Vallocaia winery near Montepulciano, you have the opportunity to experience 120 oil paintings and watercolors by Christopher Lehmpfuhl, which are exhibited there. You can watch a film by Michael Waitz about Christopher Lehmpfuhl’s repeated painting residencies at the Vallocaia winery here.
You can view the published book here . It can be purchased in the shop.

since January 11, 2016
works from the Schlossplatz cycle will be shown at the European School of Management and Technology, Berlin.
European School of Management and Technology, Berlin

Upcoming exhibitions

September 12, 2024
Kornfeld Gallery, Berlin
September 14, 2024
Art Forum Würth Capena


Church window for Vallocaia

Christopher Lehmpfuhl has created a church window for the Vallocaia vinery of Rudi Bindella.
A Film by Sebastian Schrade about the creation you may watch here (german language).
You can see impressions of the work in the workshop here.

Forum Würth, Arlesheim

The exhibition “Between pathos and impasto” will be shown at Forum Würth, Arlesheim (Switzerland) from December 9, 2022 to February 29, 2024. Impressions of the opening you will find here.
A video introduction you may find here.

Red Townhall Berlin

You may watch a film by Michael Waitz about the painting event on the roof of the Red Townhall here.

Lehmpfuhl treasures

A catalogue about the exhibition at 69salon by Galerie Kornfeld Berlin you can see here. The exhibition starts November 5, 2022.

Charité 2030

Christopher Lehmpfuhl will artistically accompany and document the construction project of the Berlin Charité “Charité 2030”.
You may watch a film by Michael Waitz about the first painting event on the roof of the Charité high-rise bed building here. A TV report by Deutsche Welle EUROMAXX you will find here.


The Vallocaia winery of my collector Rudi Bindella is described in detail in the current issue of the Swiss art magazine “DU”. View the issue here.


About the project “Dialogue”, shown in an exhibition at “Stiftung Christliche Kunst Wittenberg” this year, a book will be published in September.
A video about the exhibition by Michael Waitz you may watch here.

Table talk

at WDR 5 with Lothar Lenz. More information here .

Museum Würth

You can see a video about the exhibition in the “Museo Würth La Rioja” here


A video by Michael Waitz about the painting travels to the Vallocaia vinery of Rudi Bindella you may watch here.
Have a look to the published book here.


You can see a TV report in “Title, Theses, Temperamente” on the exhibition in Gottorf Castle here .

Embraced by the sea

View the catalogue here.