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April 23 to May 25, 2024
Moments of light
Felix Jud, Hamburg
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Permanent from September 15, 2023
A glass window for the wine cellar of Rudi Bindella
Vallocaia Winery, Tuscany, Italy


In the wine cellar of Rudi Bindella’s Vallocaia winery near Montepulciano, you have the opportunity to experience 120 oil paintings and watercolors by Christopher Lehmpfuhl, which are exhibited there. You can watch a film by Michael Waitz about Christopher Lehmpfuhl’s repeated painting residencies at the Vallocaia winery here.
You can view the published book here . It can be purchased in the shop.

since January 11, 2016
works from the Schlossplatz cycle will be shown at the European School of Management and Technology, Berlin.
European School of Management and Technology, Berlin

Upcoming exhibitions

May 5, 2024
Giechburg Art Tower, Scheßlitz
June 1, 2024
September 12, 2024
Kornfeld Gallery, Berlin
September 14, 2024
Art Forum Würth Capena